Digital Marine Surveys
Sailboat Pre Purchase Survey
 Pre Purchase Marine Survey
Types of Surveys
Pre Purchase Condition and Value Surveys - This is advised when purchasing a new or used vessel. The condition of the vessel’s structural integrity and overall operation of the vessels systems are inspected. The vessel needs to be inspected both in and out of the water. Many times a sea-trial is performed.

Insurance Condition and Value Surveys - Many surveyors consider an Insurance Survey to be a very brief and limited inspection compared to a Pre Purchase Survey. I do not differentiate much between the two types of surveys: Pre Purchase and Insurance. If it’s on the vessel it will be mentioned in the Survey and inspected to the best of my ability. The survey I perform (excluding a sea-trial) is the same for both. However, many Insurance Surveys are done while the vessel is out of the water. At times the batteries and AC systems are not in service, there by limiting various systems inspections. It’s obvious the surveyor cannot run the vessel’s engine(s), without the vessel being in the water. Sometimes insurance companies will accept an Insurance Survey done while the vessel remains in the water. Yet without a haul out to inspect the hulls wetted surface and running gear, it is not a practice I recommend.

Damage Surveys - As the name suggests. If your vessel is damaged always call your insurance company. I have seen many claims covered that the insured boater never thought would be covered by insurance. 

Consulting Services
Vessel Inspection for consideration of purchase. With the advent of the internet I get several calls from people around the country interested in vessels for sale on the internet. Many of these people are too far away and/or don’t have the time to inspect these vessels to determine if they are interested in purchasing them. I will visit the vessel(s) and perform a limited inspection to determine if the vessel represents its advertisement on the internet. This is an initial process before obtaining a survey. Many of these vessels on the Internet are not in the condition represented in their advertisements.
Engine -Cargo - Commercial Surveys
Cargo surveys are rountinely performed for various clients. 
Commercial Surveys - Flexifloat Modular Barges. 
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Engine Surveys with Certified - Cummings, Catapiller and Detroit Diesel Mechanics.
Flexi Float Barge Inspection
Marine Engine Surveys
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